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"Mission is to embrace a better world; to inspire compassion and change by empowering local communities and citizens around the world through support of sustainable projects and education".

Thankfully, I was lucky enough to marry one of the amzing women who founded Cup of Change. They both helped open my eyes to what volunteering and the positive impact you can make replica watches uk from the ground up. In many ways they gave me the confidence to create The Frontlines. Cup of Change has done amazing work both in the U.S. and abroad. Focused on a grassroots boots on the ground the nonprofit is different than the normal approach in the nonprofit world. Why push swiss fake rolex projects on people that they do not need? Cup of Change partners with the local community to help determine the best way forward to solve their problems. They have helped tremendously in the vision and launch of The Frontlines...and replica watches been patient with me during all those late hours of programming.
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Reboot Recovery
REBOOT Recovery is a 12 week program designed to help service members and their families heal from the spiritual wounds of war. REBOOT Recovery offers a powerful blend of clinical insight and Christian faith-based support that has been successful in mending souls and rebuilding families.�
My friend Evan Owens and his wife launched this project in the Fort Campbell KY area. Despite full-time employment the two of them have dedicated countless hours to supporting our friends. And luckily for me, Evan is an expert when it comes to web development and getting things right. His personal help in the development of The Frontlines was and is invaluable. As the CEO of a Nashville based web development company, Centresource Interactive there really is no one best to help The Frontlines be successful.�
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